Our Story

Ramatex International Corporation, based in West Palm Beach, Florida, serves as a distribution center for our manufacturing plants in Tlaxcala, Mexico. This strategically located distribution center was established in the U.S. due to the great demand for our products in North America. In addition, this allows us to be closer to our customers' requirements and needs resulting in prompt deliveries and top quality service.

Ramatex International manufactures EARTH RAGZ©, a line of garments and blankets made with 100% recycled fibers. These products have become a phenomenon to the industry, virtually taking the active apparel market by storm.

All of our garments and blanket are made with "ecoyarns", an exceptional 100% environmentally friendly fabric with performance and technological properties. The fibers in this fabric are woven in a unique pattern to allow for extra breathability, while creating tiny pockets that store and maintain warm air. Extra napping of the fibers enhances the thermo-properties of the fabric for added warmth, comfort and texture.

Ramatex International's EARTH RAGZ© have helped to change the way consumers purchase products; instilling a consciousness about preserving the Earth, recycling and buying products made of recycled contents to close the loop. For every EARTH RAGZ© garment that you purchase, you are directly preventing 2.4 lbs. of textile material from going into landfills. This number increases to 7.2 lbs for every blanket you purchase.